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   SODI App, Released 2011

The SODI rollercoaster game is an AS3 (Flash) based product aimed towards kids. Through playing the game they will learn basic physics principles.

I worked with DDW (Debreuil Digital Works) on this application, my responsibilites included physics, user interface, and general coding.

Link to game page.

SODI is trademark of Disney Interactive.

Slot Machine
   Slot Machine, Released 2012

This game is a multi-line slot machine in XNA (C#), targeting desktop computers. Features include customization from XML, editable win rates, and shaders.

I worked for the company Cash Terminal to create this, using Skype and email to resolve any issues that came up during the development process.

Link to company website.

   Uprising, Released 2010

Uprising is a top-down shooter where the player is a computer virus trapped inside a computer trying to escape.

My brother and I worked on this together using C#, my primary responsibilites were physics and gameplay, his being graphics.

We released onto Xbox Indie Marketplace for Xbox 360.

Link to game page.

Link to source code.

Balloon Game
   Balloon Game, Created 2009

Balloon Game is the first game I made using AS3 (Flash).

The objective of the game is to navigate the box from the start of the level to the "portal" at the end.

I made this during my first year of University.

Link to game page.

Link to source code.

ARC Angels
   ARC Angels, Worked on 2007, 2010

My brother and I worked on the game ARC Angels for Stratogon Entertainment, a Flordia based company, back in highschool.

The game is a side scroller where they player's ship has a "gravity beam" which can throw enemies around.

This game was coded in C# using XNA.

Link to game page.

   Clickfest, Created 2011

The objective of Clickfest is who can click the button the most times, competing for the global high score.

The game is coded in AS3 (Flash), with PHP and MySQL being used for the backend server stuff.

Link to game page.

Link to source code.

   Sentinel, Created 2007

This is a game my brother and I made in high school.

We made this using XNA, I added ragdolls on the characters, which were slow but pretty cool.

Sky used deferred rendering with dynamic lighting, which was also slow but pretty cool.

Link to youtube video.

   Aftermath, Created 2005

My brother and I made Aftermath when we were in middle school. It's a two player game with controls on keyboard and mouse.

The game runs in C# using Windows Forms, we had lots of fun making / playing this game! :)

Link to game and source code.